Are you consistent?

Climate change has been steadily settling in our minds over the past decade. An inconvenient truth, even in the USA more than half of the population believe it is happening. But not to us. This egoistic syndrome that it won’t affect us, personally, is the biggest hurdle in working out solutions at scale. 

Look at us, the people professionally involved, one way or another, in saving the planet. How many have cars? How many fly on planes as if it was 1991? And how many recycle systematically, reduce their consumption trends, eat less or no meat, campaign when not at work because they are genuinely concerned, buy organic, or even look at other aspects of sustainability than the ones on which they get paid? How many of us are truly consistent?

Well, the sad truth is, not enough. Even in a country quite advanced on all things green and inclusive, like France, organic crops are just on 5% of the total agricultural land being used. And despite the growing possibilities of remote meetings, people still fly for business, as if there was nothing wrong with that. Even climate scientists deal awkwardly with this dilemma

While flying to do your job is sometimes an inconvenient necessity, owning a car when you don’t actually need one on a daily basis is certainly worse. Passenger cars are responsible for 12% of CO2 emissions in the EU, and of local pollution with often lasting health and environmental effects. So next time you get into your little home on wheels, think of what you are doing to all those others that will suffer climate change (the future generations, aka our kids and their own). And think that alternative choices of lifestyle exist, where that car won’t be needed anymore.

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